The team at Larenholtz Media

Graphic Illustrator / Photographer

I am Kamila Mankiewicz. I choose and do all the artistic work in Larenholtz Media.

I am the one who creates the magic of photos, drawings and descriptions.
I am a journalist and IT project management specialist.
I graduated from two faculties at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań and for 15 years I worked in the largest Polish IT corporations as a designer of advanced ICT solutions and a cybersecurity specialist.

In Larenholtz Media team I supervise and take care of the quality of hosted websites in terms of network security.
I am also a photographer, designer and certified sports instructor for over 10 years.

Senior Digital Business Developer

 I am Nicklas Larenholtz, founder of Larenholtz Media. Today I work as Senior Digital Business Developer at Digital Webbyrå new customers.

I have worked with sales and marketing for the last 18 years, digital and newspaper. My heart and interest has always turned to Internet Marketing where my focus has been the last 15 years. Shape companies sales strategy on corporates website, follow up visitors patterns to improve sales.

Contact: nicklasl @ newcustomers .se



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